paying agent

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Paying agent

An agent who makes principal and interest payments to bondholders on behalf of the issuer.

Paying Agent

An institution, usually an investment bank, that accepts funds from the issuer of a security and distributes them to that security's holders. In stocks, a paying agent receive dividends, which it then disburses to stockholders. In bonds, it receives coupon payments, which it then gives to bondholders. A paying agent acts as an intermediary in these transactions, and receives a fee for these services. See also: Outsourcing.

paying agent

A financial institution that makes the payments to the holders of an issuer's securities. For example, an indenture will name a paying agent responsible for making interest and principal payments on a bond issue.
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Why the hell are football clubs paying agents when they represent the player?
To comply with the DTC's rules and avoid late payments to bondholders, the Government Finance Officers Association strongly recommends that paying agents provide funds and CUSIP details to the DTC no later than 1 p.
Beginning in early February, the DTC will make payments to the bondholders only after the funds and the accompanying allocation details are received from the paying agent or government.
Shad's encouragement to issue new debt in global book-entry form, saving the expense and hassles of physical certificates, transfer agents, paying agents, and registrars.
When those with a lower issuance volume understand the ongoing benefits, like the yearly savings in paying agent fees, they surely will want to follow.
Although the depository and paying agents -- those agents who distribute the monthly principal and interest (P&I) payments -- have implemented automation and process improvements in the last two years, little progress has been achieved in improving the accuracy of CMO/ABS payment processing, according to the latest paper.
Currently, DTCC works with major paying agents and together they use the report cards to examine processing and performance problems.
Even at such times - for example, when the wire transfer system fails - paying agents have been willing to remit funds on behalf of issuers, comforted by the ultimate remedy of a "clawback" of monies from the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and ultimately from securities firms and dealers, if necessary.
Deutsche Bank's Global Debt Services business is one of the leading issuing & paying agents for short and medium term debt instruments in the US and international markets, as well as providing a range of trustee, agency, depositary and related services for many other types of financing including bonds, project financings, escrows, Islamic financings and syndicated loans.
as the paying agents for payment of the merger consideration.
Prior to closing on the TRANs, Standard & Poor's will review the paying agent agreement to ensure that it meets Standard & Poor's requirements for paying agents to act in a trust capacity when holding TRAN repayment accounts.