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1. A payment on the interest and/or principal on a loan; debt service.

2. When a bond is called or matures and a new one is issued, the amount by which the face value of the old issue exceeds the face value of the new one. This represents a reduction in the issuer's debt. If a company pays out $10,000,000 in bond maturities and then issues $7,000,000 in new bonds, this is an example of paydown, because the company now has $3,000,000 less in debt.
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In a corporate or U.S. Treasury refunding, the amount by which the face value of the bonds being refunded exceeds the par value of the new bonds being sold. The paydown represents the amount by which the debt is reduced.
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The Stable Rating Outlooks for classes A-1 through D reflect the overall stable pool performance and expected continued paydown. Future rating upgrades may occur with stable to improved pool performance and additional defeasance or paydown.
The company warned results from the first quarter of the year were greatly similar to results from the first quarter of 2007, including the paydown amount and its size relative to the previous quarter's build-up.
Gradifi will process over USD 10m in Paydown Rewards next year and estimates over USD 100m in 2017.
The second debt scenario uses the 2010 SCF's very detailed information about the loan terms and payment behavior of each household to model the effect of principal paydown at the rates observed in 2010.
must reasonably be classified as a marital asset." (11) This finding broke new ground, as, previous to Stevens, courts universally agreed that the sole marital component of nonmarital property was the active appreciation of the property as a result of the efforts or contributions of either party, or the mortgage paydown. The Stevens court crafted a formula to determine what portion of the passive appreciation of property during a marriage should be classified as a marital asset.
Natural gas producer Dana, headquartered in the emirate of Sharjah, said in a statement that it will cancel $80m of the Islamic bond currently held by the company and sukuk holders will receive a partial paydown in cash from Dana.
Analysts say that the rapid paydown means A-B InBev is likely going to start looking for a new deal.
(and) that debt paydown will transfer value to equity holders." At 2:10 EDT July 10, McClatchy (MNI:NYSE) was trading at $26.80, down 20 cents, or 0.74%, from its open.
Chief executive Mike Parton said: "The early paydown of all of our restructuring debt is an excellent achievement.
Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), Lake Forest, Illinois, USA, has completed its debt refinancing, which included the repurchase of US$ 546.4 million (or 99.3%) of its outstanding 9 5/8% Senior Subordinated Notes, and the paydown earlier this month of the last US$ 79 million of its original US$ 1.219 billion in bank debt.
There is also a paydown facility of up to ten per cent a year.
Revenue from the sales of these non-core businesses enabled the company to proceed with a faster paydown of its debt than originally anticipated.