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1. A swap for a security with a higher yield. For example, an investor may swap a bond with a certain face value and coupon for another bond with an equal face value but a higher coupon. One refers to the extra funds the investor yields from the higher coupon as a payup.

2. The additional money an investor needs in order to buy a security with a higher market value. For example, an investor may need payup money if he/she owns a bond, but wishes to buy another bond with a higher coupon rate.


Additional funds required when an investor swaps a current holding for higher-value securities. For example, a person might swap low-interest bonds for higher-coupon bonds of equal face value but of higher market value.
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Not only did the lower price bring in more than twice the total orders and just about twice the net profit ratio, but the percentage of pay-ups was higher.
Try "17 Tested Techniques to Increase Your Bill-me Order Pay-Ups," something the subscriber can put on his shelf and think, "Now I have that
I know an iron-clad guarantee is part of the "emphasizing low risk" marketing platform that I said could lead to lower pay-ups on bill-me's in some markets.
Over the years while I was executive director of the newsletter association nothing we could do to our conversion series ever changed our pay-up rate on bill-me orders from about 67 percent.
Publishers I've spoken with have widely different reports on eventual pay-ups.