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"It's time to close the gender pay gap so that one day there will not be an Equal Pay Day.
Pay day loan businesses have been accused of exploiting people who already have money problems with easy but expensive loans.
One can also work with local government on issuing an ordinance to observe Equal Pay Day.
Stephanie Cole, operations manager at Readies, said pay day loans are now "part and parcel of some people's' lives", as households find themselves under increasing strain.
Gary Harvey, defending, said his client was a single man of good character who had been living alone and who had pay day loans coming out of his ears.
Analysis by the TUC published on Equal Pay Day reveals that the gap in annual salaries between top-earning women and top-earning men has hit 54.9%.
"European Equal Pay Day reminds us of the unequal pay conditions women still face in the labour market," said Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner, in a statement.
Their calculations show that there could be up to six weeks between some people's pay days in December and January 2014 as people are often paid early before Christmas.
I have just read that UK MPs refuse to put any cap on maximum interest, unlike Germany where it is 20% and they don't have any pay day loan situation.
Your readers may be interested to know that Citizens Advice - the national umbrella organisation for local CABs - is currently carrying out a national survey of pay day lending practices.
Hard working families are feeling the brunt of the recession and the cuts more than most and are turning to these vile pay day loans.
MORE than 60% of people who took out pay day loans used the money to pay for household bills or buy essentials such as food, nappies and petrol, a survey by Which?