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GSIS, in a statement posted on its website, noted that the deadline for all GSIS members to settle past due loan accounts to one more month or until October 31, 2018 has been extended after the appeal from the DepEd.
Many motor-oil container producers say they believe this market has reached maturity, but some container producers anticipate more growth than in the past due to an improved economy and better-than-expected automobile sales.
Certainly, after a few years of market trough conditions, some profitable quarters were past due.
The settlement, reached in Jersey City Superior Court, allows artists to maintain use of their studios until March 1, after which New Gold will waive approximately $600,000 in past due rent once the building is vacated.
Pittsburgh made a good faith payment of over $200,000 last month, leaving about $900,000 past due for water service.
Typically, when a payment on an account is more than 180 days past due, creditors write off the account as a bad debt--or a charge-off.
Nevertheless, Brazil has long been considered a weak link in the global shipping chain in terms of security, and some here say the new code is past due. "Our ports are extremely vulnerable," says Armando Vidigal from Brazilian shipping syndicate Syndarma.
Generally, A/R financing companies will lend an amount equal to 85% of the net receivables of nursing home operators, up to 180 days past due. The vast majority of these receivables are from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies.
Business staff need this time to make past due account calls, re-file insurance claims that may need individual consideration letters, correspond with specialists, file and conduct marketing projects.
For people who are long past due, we "freeze" the arrears amounts, and they have to pay us in full, in advance, for new work.
In 1999, for example, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) initiated an unusual voluntary compliance initiative calling for states to waive interest and penalties on past due unclaimed property for all holders who came forward voluntarily to report and pay past due unclaimed property.
The beneficial owner of the aircraft, The Partnership, is seeking damages from the airline including past due rent, rent that may accrue after the filing of the lawsuit, and the cost of restoring the aircraft to the condition prescribed by the lease.