Partnership agreement

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Partnership agreement

A written agreement among partners detailing the terms and conditions of participation in a business ownership arrangement.

Partnership Agreement

An agreement between two or more parties stating the terms of a partnership. Among the provisions of a partnership agreement are whether it is a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability partnership. The agreement also specifies the specific terms of the partnership, such as the division of profit and risk.
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He also declared that these committees are working on a regular basis in Cairo and Brussels, and the Ministerial Council of the EU and meetings between partnership agreement member states will also be held routinely.
Speaking after the signing of the agreement Europarltv Director Giorgos Kasimatis expressed his satisfaction over the fact that this is Europarltv's 150th partnership agreement.
MuleSource Inks Partnership Agreement with NaviSite II-63
761(c), a partnership agreement includes any modifications made prior to or at the time prescribed for filing the partnership return for the tax year (not including extensions) that are agreed to by all the partners or adopted as otherwise required by the partnership agreement.
One of LTU's benefits is a discount on tuition rate for students admitted to LTU under this strategic partnership agreement.
Ventura County Supervisors Judy Mikels, who represents the Simi Valley and Moorpark areas, said the new partnership agreement is part of an ongoing process of reassessing emergency medical needs in the growing communities.
Collins argued that the partnership could not terminate until the procedure in the partnership agreement for termination was followed.
This transition rule does not apply if, as of April 20, 2004, people who are related to each other--within the meaning of section 267(b) and 707(b)--collectively have the power to amend the partnership agreement without the consent of any unrelated party.
The Nisga'a, who live in British Columbia's Nass River Valley, have signed a partnership agreement with indigenous peoples living near the Amazon River in Peru.
The continuing saga of the development site at 383 Madison Avenue took an unexpected twist last week, as a group of Saudi Arabian investors in the partnership which currently owns the property announced plans to acquire the site under its fight of first refusal in the original partnership agreement with CS First Boston.
com/research/0d38d5/what_to_know_befor) has announced the addition of the "What to Know Before Signing or Negotiating Your Next Partnership as a CFO - A Line-by-Line Look at an Updated Partnership Agreement, Sections That Should be Updated, and New Red Flags to Look For" audioconference to their offering.
The Government of Fiji notified the European Union yesterday of its decision to apply the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.

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