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Either I should cancel our partnership agreement and go away, leaving you to get another chaperone to chaperone your chaperone; or else I'd take the old hen out in the whale-boat and drown her.
The European Union (EU) proposed a new trade agreement for countries participating in partnership agreements with Europe last week.
Speaking on International Nurses Day, Health Minister Jack Snelling warned the State could be more than $180 million worse off over the next four years if the Federal Government didn t renew expiring National Partnership Agreements (NPA) as well as accepting a Commission of Audit recommendation to cap what share of Federal funding goes into the state health system.
EPAs or Economic Partnership Agreements are a form of trade partnership that have been used to classify trade negotiations between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP states).
Partnership agreements cannot be modified to retroactively allocate partnership income or loss to a partner when the income or loss accrued prior to the partner's entry into the partnership.
a provider of document management and business process management software for Global 1000 enterprises, has signed partnership agreements with BOSS Corp.
Memo 2001-167 (July 6, 2001) examined the role of a buy-sell (buyback) agreement in corporate redemptions among family members, as well as the buy-sell requirements in partnership agreements.
Nevertheless, all partnership agreements should address certain matters.
Partnership agreements need wording specifically requiring partners to pay certain expenses personally, without reimbursement from the partnership, before partners can deduct them on an individual return.
David's litigation will likely go a long way toward establishing how partnership agreements between a nonprofit and for-profit entity entering into a "whole hospital" joint venture have to be structured.
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