Participation certificates

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Participation certificates (PC)

Used in the context of general equities. Investments representing an interest in a pool of funds or in other instruments, such as foreign securities, that allow participation in the rise or fall of a security or group of securities.

Participation Certificate

1. An alternative to a government or municipal bond in which an investor buys a share in the improvements or infrastructure the government entity intends to fund. This contrasts with a bond, in which the investor loans the government or municipality money in order to make these improvements. This is used primarily when the government or municipality has a charter-mandated debt ceiling. In the United States the only entities issuing or guaranteeing participation certificates are Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Sallie Mae.

2. See: International Depository Receipt (IDR).
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The insolvency has affected about 12,500 holders of participation certificates.
Water, gloves, and safety glasses will be provided as well as NPLD t-shirts, participation certificates and national park access passes.
During this workshop, the best photos taken by the participants will be announced in addition to participation certificates for all.
Participation certificates were given to the students at the closing ceremony on February 21 in the presence of QU president Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham and Chinese ambassador Li Chen, as well as members of QU community.
At the conclusion of the ceremony the hikers were given participation certificates.
Nabeela Noor, Rana Waseem, Riaz Talpur, Uzma Bashir, Afshan Shahid, Shahabuddin Gilani, Parveen Akthar, Rukhsana Shaukat, Zulfiqar Abbasi, Zia Ur Rehman, Zahra Zernigar, Naheed Akhud, Adila Rubab, Badria Khanum, Ghulam Akber, Sayeedullah Jan, Mohammed Nazeer, Raja Nasir, Fawad Haider, Malik Irfan and Shagufta Riaz were awarded with active participation certificates.
Participation certificates for all the participants can be collected at the venue itself on June 2.
THE Wrestling Federation of India ( WFI) has withdrawn the medals and participation certificates awarded to six wrestlers who did not take the dope tests at the Junior National Championship that concluded in Chandigarh on Sunday.
ADPnews) - Mar 9, 2010 - Austrian investment company AvW Group must pay about EUR 263,000 (USD 359,000) to an investor who bought 82 participation certificates, the regional court in Klagenfurt ruled.
Yesterday, they received their participation certificates from Howard Gayle, Liverpool's first black player, at a special ceremony at The Metal Arts Centre, which opened last week at Edge Hill station.
495 billion Ordinary Participation Certificates (CPOs), including the over-allotment option, with estimated net proceeds of US$1.

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