Participating buyer/seller

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Participating buyer/seller

Used for listed equity securities. (1) Customer willing to buy/sell in line with market. (2) Buyer/seller who goes along with another buyer/seller in a percentage order.

Participating Buyer/Seller

A buyer or seller who agrees to the terms of sale offered by a counterparty. This term is most often used for transactions on an exchange.
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To encourage more shoppers to follow their hearts, Lazada is offering attractive benefits such as free shipping deals with participating sellers as well as millions of Lazada vouchers to be given away throughout the day.
The participating sellers in the IPO will then conduct private subscription to increase the capital on the same number of sold shares within one month of closing the offering.
Tusk Social, Bayani Brew, The Good Seed by Edgy Veggy, Sigs Smokehouse, Ahi Hawaii, Stanford Shaw, Cashew Milk, Susmaryosep and Aburi Alabang completed the list of participating sellers.
Introduction to ChannelSale is yet another important inclusion that participating sellers are looking forward to experience in this webinar.
As expected, with 63 companies, the bulk of participating sellers came from Singapore, followed by Japan (52) and South Korea (49), although most of those companies were housed in 16 pavilions from 10 countries.
The paper said the site allows consumers to "discover unusual, locally designed and manufactured items, the majority of which are priced at $200 or less, and gives participating sellers the reassurance of [the paper's] reputation and long-standing business operation."
In July participating sellers will begin renting textbooks and other books to shoppers on Alibris, the retail marketplace of Monsoon Commerce.
The benefit of e-marketplaces for buyers is that they have access to the goods and services of participating sellers in a single, integrated system.
Using a simple proposition of "name your price," Priceline collects consumer demand (in the form of individual customer offers guaranteed by a credit card) for a particular product or service at a price set by the customer and communicate that demand directly to participating sellers or to their private databases.
Participation in the system would be voluntary and phased in over the next two to five years for participating sellers and states, with a completely unified system to be adopted within six to eight years.

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