Participating buyer/seller

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Participating buyer/seller

Used for listed equity securities. (1) Customer willing to buy/sell in line with market. (2) Buyer/seller who goes along with another buyer/seller in a percentage order.
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Participating Buyer/Seller

A buyer or seller who agrees to the terms of sale offered by a counterparty. This term is most often used for transactions on an exchange.
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Calinos' Emre Gorentas lamented both the reduced number of participating buyers and the close calendar dates of DISCOP and MIPTV.
Support will be provided through virtual courses offered online, articles, tutorial videos, webinars and other services that the IDB will design in cooperation with participating buyers.
But when Espinoza, a former judge and lifelong social activist--she is working for free, because when she saw the FFSC's budget she decided they couldn't afford the salary they'd offered her--informed the growers they were risking the right to sell tomatoes to the participating buyers, compliance swiftly followed.
"Participating suppliers will now only have to complete one form instead of multiple questionnaires with the relevant sustainability information provided to all participating buyers, who would otherwise need separate sustainability assessments or audits from these suppliers.
If they lose the designation through violations, they won't be able to sell their tomatoes to the participating buyers such as Wal-Mart, according to the coalition.
As a result, this year's ILTM Asia increased the number of participating buyers by 11 per cent.
Attendees are encouraged to bring at least 12 sets of business marketing materials for participating buyers.
Participating buyers in the Fashion Accessories and Gifts & Premiums Private Sourcing Events are: C & A, an international chain of clothing stores; El Corte Ingles, Spain's top retailer; and J & J Buying Service, an Indian buying office.
Participating buyers included the following prominent retailers: Fred Segal (USA), Galleries Lafayette (France), Harrods (UK), House of Fraser (UK), La Rinascente (Italy), Le Bon Marche, Le Printemps (France), Sephora (Italy) and SpaceNK (UK / USA) among others.
Another of the finest and wonderfully presented fields of machinery was again offered to an extensive audience of participating buyers from Orkney in the north to Cornwall in the south and the selective interest from Northern Ireland ensured a sound trade would prevail.
John Whalley, Deeside-based Wales Aerospace Forum chief executive, said the participating buyers were actively seeking new suppliers and had provided the forum with detailed information on their current and future product and service requirements, annual expenditures and particular areas where sourcing was an issue.

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