Participating buyer/seller

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Participating buyer/seller

Used for listed equity securities. (1) Customer willing to buy/sell in line with market. (2) Buyer/seller who goes along with another buyer/seller in a percentage order.

Participating Buyer/Seller

A buyer or seller who agrees to the terms of sale offered by a counterparty. This term is most often used for transactions on an exchange.
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Each participating buyer gets a solar LED hat designed by Da-Ai Technology Co.
The DEPO platform not only aggregates the demand of numerous buyers, it also allows each participating buyer the ability to tailor its own unique product specifications and bid that demand directly among potential suppliers.
One participating buyer, buying manager for AEON Hong Kong, Jacqueline Au, said: "As product costs increase, we are looking for ways to reduce expenses in other areas.
One participating buyer, Sourcing Director of ThreeSixty Sourcing, George Ng said: "Vietnam's suppliers excel at producing basic items like art and craft, pottery and furniture with good workmanship.
One participating buyer, Regional Merchandising Manager of Coles Group Asia, Gagan Gadihoke, said: "Sourcing events such as these provide a great platform to meet multiple suppliers at one time.
One participating buyer, Senior Merchandiser of Li & Fung, Rita Xing, said: "Private Sourcing Events help us find reliable suppliers with potential to become long-term partners.
One participating buyer, Senior Buyer of Newell Rubbermaid Global Sourcing, Nguyen Thu Hoa, said: "Consumer demands have changed along with the economy.
One participating buyer, Product Manager of Test Rite India, Sanjiv Kumar, said: "As we expand our India sourcing program, we're working with a lot of suppliers for the first time.
One participating buyer, Managing Director of Sevya Multimedia Technologies, Srikant Reddy Modugula, said: "I'm really happy to be here.
One participating buyer, Business Development Group Manager of Canadian Tire's Shanghai Representative Office, John Deml, said: "As consumers opt to repair vehicles rather than replace them, there's a growing opportunity in the auto parts market.
One participating buyer, Business Team Manager of Supplies for Staples Brand Consulting, Lisa Pan, said: "Global Sources is a great source for buyers.

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