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Over 10,000 votes were cast in the mock referendum and according to the partial vote tallies released earlier, it revealed that almost the majority of the voters voted in favor of the workers.
Then, the Guardian Council set up a special committee to do a partial vote recount.
7 percent of the vote, according to a projection by Piepoli Institute based on a partial vote count.
Thankfully, Senator Ralph Recto's numbers look good in the latest unofficial and partial vote tally, so we can count on him to carry the probe forward and help uncover the truth knock on wood.
The commission has reportedly entered into its data system more than 45 percent of ballots cast and a partial vote count cannot be released until at least 20 of 34 total provinces are counted.
The ceremonial swearing-in at one of the capital's landmark parks will take place after the Moscow election commission refused to conduct a partial vote recount demanded by Navalny, Sobyanin's main rival in the election.
Libya's main Islamist party has continued to lose ground in its bid to win Libya's historical election and has reportedly recorded further setbacks in the eastern city of Benghazi, where the National Forces Alliance, NFA, of Libyan has apparently extended its lead as new partial vote tallies showed it was heading to a landslide victory.
According to Ipsos logica business pollster's partial vote count, the Socialist bloc won 291 seats, more than 289 seats needed for a majority in the 577-member National Assembly, sparing the need to rely on eurosceptic hard leftists and even Greens allies to pass legislations on tax rise, spending adjustment and modification of the European fiscal treaty.
Dazzling Susie could be better than her mark, Some Present's comeback run at Gowran entitles him to a partial vote, Capellanus could have some wriggle room off his mark and Strain Of Fame sneaks in at the bottom on an attractive weight for the in-form champion trainer.
The text eliminates the need to hold an unprecedented partial vote in the Black Sea city of Burgas to elect a Member of the Parliament replacing Dimitrov, who said he would return to his pre-election post as Director of the National History Museum.
The Brotherhood won no seats in a partial vote to the upper house in June.
This was only a partial vote, since the final vote has been postponed until the 18-21 October session, meant "not to close the door" to a first-reading agreement with the Council.