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A subdivision of government in most American states. Most of the time, a county is a municipal level below the state government but above a city or township. Counties serve different purposes, depending on the state. In some states, they have courts and a sheriff's office. The chief prosecutor (district attorney) for an area is often employed at the county level. In Oklahoma and many other states, counties have jurisdiction over all land in their boundaries not otherwise incorporated into a city or other municipality. In some states like Maryland, counties have quite broad responsibilities, including the provision of public health services and education. On the other hand, counties have no authority in Rhode Island. In Louisiana, counties are called parishes. In Alaska, they are called boroughs. See also: ABCD Counties.
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A political subdivision within a state. It is usually the largest government body within the state.In Louisiana,the equivalent is called a parish.

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The growth of the country's Hispanic population has also had an impact on the cultural life of many parishes. In 2000, the study said, 22 percent of parishes had at least one Mass a month in a language other than English; 10 years later, 29 percent did so.
Local ward councillor Alan Vincent described it as "an emotive subject for both parishes".
The Sarum rite provided for four stops on the processional route about the church; the first two of these will be relevant in examining what the London parishes did on this feast.
"In my pastoral concern for these two parishes, I did not want to merge
Pastors serving multiple parishes don't just tend to the needs of Parish A and the needs of Parish B; there are also the needs of Parish A and Parish B working collaboratively.
At 78 percent, the Diocese of Rapid City is second only to the Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, where 94 percent of the priests cover two or more parishes.
I've visited people, parishes and encouraged them and prayed with them and so on," said Bishop Harvey.
However, a new elitism has crept into the Church--and in some parishes it's being exercised with a vengeance, for it's often wielded against our faithful clergy.
Clerics' main charge was that frequent transfer prevented a bishop from immersing himself in the special problems of the local clergy in his diocese; either from disinterest or resignation, he did not take it upon himself to inspect parishes at the grass-roots level through visitations, as his predecessors in Muscovite times had done--complained parish priests.
BOSTON -- The Catholic church's highest court has rejected appeals of the closures of eight Boston-area parishes, the Boston archdiocese confirmed June 10.
The question of parish ownership is often asked when parishes are merged or closed.
The synod of the diocese of British Columbia will decide this month whether to accept recommendations made by a diocesan task force to close five parishes, amalgamate 10 others into four new congregations, create seven new congregations on-Vancouver Island, and to reorder the diocese into six new regions with more autonomy.