parent company

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Parent company

A company that controls subsidiaries through its ownership of voting stock, as well as runs its own business.

Parent Company

A company that owns enough stock in another country to strongly influence or control outright the latter's operations, especially the election of its board of directors. Parent companies sometimes have operations of their own, and sometimes have no other business except to own and manage subsidiaries. These are known as holding companies. Some parent companies own subsidiaries in a single industry, while others are diversified. Parent companies become parent companies either by buying smaller companies, or by spinning off some of its operations into a separate company. See also: Mergers & Acquisitions.

parent company

A company that controls or owns another company or other companies. For example, Union Pacific Corporation is the parent company of the trucking firm Overnite Transportation Company. Compare subsidiary. See also holding company.

parent company

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com, The Parent Company has established a recognized platform for the delivery of content and new media resources to a national audience of expectant parents.
Apollo Property Services Group formerly known as Apollo London together with its former ultimate parent company Apollo Holdco formerly known as Apollo Group Holdings
Regardless of all the possible complications that could come from consolidating subsidiary companies with a parent company, there are still several "survival techniques" that may lie applied that will provide protection for these newly acquired subsidiaries.
But if they arrange for their parent company to guarantee a loan, their independence--and the legal protections that go with it--are compromised.
This category also includes claims (42) on, or guaranteed by, a qualifying securities firm (43) incorporated in the United States or other member of the OECD-based group of countries provided that: the qualifying securities firm has a long-term issuer credit rating, or a rating on at least one issue of long-term debt, in one of the three highest investment grade rating categories from a nationally recognized statistical rating organization; or the claim is guaranteed by the firm's parent company and the parent company has such a rating.
The plan would also require Edison's parent company, Edison International, to pay SoCal Edison $420 million.
the worlds largest energy trader, provided a management team and financing for Mission Bufete's parent company.
No longer will a parent company be liable simply because it had the "authority to control" its subsidiary or even because it had "actual control.
A minority shareholder can be a parent company because the directive defines a parent company as a company with a minimum holding of 25 percent of the stock of another company.
3% of fiscal 2006 consolidated cash flow to parent company AEI.
customer base," said Craig Currie, Senior Vice President of The Parent Company.
Thus, the parent company was a member of an affiliated group and lost its eligibility for S status (private letter ruling 9433008).