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in parasangs, and those with vast estates in schoinoi.
The chapter opens with lines in Greek from Anabasis, which translate as "Thence he marched a three-days march of fifteen parasangs to the river Euphrates" (329).
Much like today's highways have mileage markers, Persian roads were carefully measured out in a unit of measurement known as parasangs, each of which equaled 3.4 miles.
The traitor Beleses observes that the king's "most fanciful" nature "moves more parasangs" or miles than do "generals in their marches" (2.1.119-22).
Yaqut is brought from a mine named Sahiran which is on an island about forty parasangs beyond Sarandib [Sri Lanka].
In "Distant Correspondents," then, writing to a friend in New South Wales, he says: "Yet for aught I know, you may be some parasangs nigher that primitive idea - Plato's man - than we in England here have the honour to reckon ourselves" (119).