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Sliding share prices triggered panic sale, pulling the market further down, according to top stockbrokers.
Panic sale was quite evident that saw across the board sale in blue chips HBL, UBL, DGKC, LUCK, ENGRO to name few.
Other countries will soon follow leading to panic sale. It is unlikely that China or Japan would make such a decision any time soon as collapse of the dollar would result in yen and yuan being more expensive to the American buyer, which would indirectly affect their economies since they are dependent on exports to USA.
That way, we won't go for panic sale of our products before they rot.
So, if the American investors manage to overcome their emotions and stop panic sale on risky assets, the Russian debt market might show correction upwards on Friday.
At the BSE opening Thursday, stocks continued to crumble as investors continued their panic sale of shares over fears the forced nationalization would push retirement funds managements to sell assets quickly.
The Russian market of currency bonds closed the week with reduction, however there was no panic sale as the ones we could see at the global exchange grounds.
Prices of Russian Eurobonds continued upping early this weekfollowing the suspension of the panic sale of risky assets.
Same as the day before buying was indicated in the first half of the day, and turned into panic sale in the afternoon.
The panic sales are 'obviously in response to retaliation on border,' said Elixir Securities Director Research Hamad Aslam.
The market saw no panic sales, but buyers, especially seasoned investors, became more prudent.'
There are no panic sales or anything, it's just that when you sit with somebody, you'll be able to negotiate better and get more of what you want, more than [you could] before."