Pacific Exchange

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Pacific Exchange

A stock exchange based in San Francisco, California. It formerly had a branch office in Los Angeles, which closed in 2001. With origins tracing back to 1882, the Pacific Exchange trades primarily in stocks and options. Since the early 2000s, all stock trading has occurred electronically. However, its options market still maintains a trading floor and an open outcry system.
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Pacific Exchange (PCX)

A major marketplace for stock options and equities. The PCX formerly operated trading floors in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it closed the L.A. floor in 2001 when equities trading was moved to the Archipelago Exchange, the nation's first electronic national stock market. Trading in equity options of over 800 companies continues on the San Francisco options floor.
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Asia Pacific Exchange, previously known as Australian Pacific Exchange, was acquired by Chinese Australian George Wang's AIMS Financial Group, a diversified financial services and investment group, after the collapse of the Austock Group in 2008.
plans to voluntarily withdraw its common stock from listing on NYSE Arca Inc., formerly the Pacific Exchange.
Last March, the NYSE purchased Archipelago Holdings and the affiliated Pacific Exchange for $9 billion and transformed itself into a for-profit public company called NYSE Group Inc, trading under the ticker symbol NYX, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Equity Qualification Panel has accepted the company's plan to regain compliance with the $1.00 minimum price per share requirement for continued listing on the Pacific Exchange and will permit ZAP common stock to remain listed on the exchange.
IBM shares are traded on five of the world's major bourses -- the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the Paris-based Euronext, the San Francisco-based Pacific Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange, in addition to the TSE.
30, 2002, registered national exchanges include the American Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange, Inc.
MANAGEMENT AT MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., which markets the Panasonic brand, said the board of directors decided to submit applications to delist its stock from five exchanges: the Fukuoka Stock Exchange and Sapporo Securities Exchange in Japan; the Pacific Exchange in the United States; the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange in France; and the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange in Germany.
Executives at the beleaguered chain note that they also expect the Chicago Exchange and the Pacific Exchange, where Kmart's common stock is also listed, to suspend trading and begin delisting proceedings.
in Loveland, Colo., has begun trading on the Pacific Exchange. According to a press release from the stock tracking service, Danaher shares became available as of Oct.
Amwest also said it had applied to delist its common stock from the Pacific Exchange and wouldn't seek to have its stock traded over the counter.
In so doing, the author demonstrates the importance of the "Pacific exchange" in shaping the cultural landscapes of the two regions.
listed equities on the Pacific Exchange. NASDAQ is currently implementing the OptiMark call market, as is the Osaka Exchange.

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