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'We make the suggestion (for GPS to be a single multi-racial party) because its structure has not been established and that it has not been registered yet,' he said, adding that what PRS wants is a new political party that is acceptable to the people.
CIMB-Principal is currently one of the largest PRS providers in Malaysia with RM270 million in assets under management (AUM), equivalent to 23% of the market share as at 30 April 2016.
Student responses on the daily assessments were collapsed into two groups, PRS days and non-PRS days.
Student responses on the PRS and non-PRS essay items for each exam were scored with a maximum of six points awarded for each response.
"We are writing to businesses to raise awareness of the value of music to their business and of the need to buy a PRS Music Licence which reimburses those who created that music.
"Around 300,000 organisations are already acting within the law and already have a PRS Music Licence.
PRS specifically benefits our WRIT 140 first-year students by using information technology, which they enjoy, to assess their comprehension in a dualistic, right/wrong fashion that is appropriate to their level of cognitive development.
PRS allows for non-confrontational competition to get the "right" answer, and promotes a sense of community among the class and pride in class achievement when everyone selects the correct answer.
A and B agreed that, after the workout, A would have a 60% interest and B would have a 40% interest in PRS's profits and losses.