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apply to cost recovery actions brought by PRPs. Some courts have simply
cleaning businesses to multinational corporations, may be PRPs at a
With so much money on the line, PRPs invest heavily in litigation.
against and among PRPs and that high litigation costs were
litigation and to create incentives for PRPs to settle with the
range of parties CERCLA defines as PRPs; describing how governmental
A t test was used for determining the statistical significant difference between P-PRP and L-PRP in each concentration of PRPs. Different letters above bars indicate that the difference is statistically significant (P < 0.05).
As a useful MSC activator, PRP is widely investigated in tissue engineering strategy for its potential in cell proliferation and extracellular matrix [15-17].
Although PRP is widely used for its regenerative potential, the efficacy was often in debate for its indeterminate therapeutic effect.
The objective of this study is to comparatively evaluate effects of P-PRP and L-PRP on rabbit NPMSCs in vitro, and a new insight is provided to improve the efficiency of PRP treatment in disc regeneration.
2 ml whole blood was used in quantifying the platelet and leukocyte concentrations in whole blood, and the rest 28 ml blood was left for preparation of PRP (P-PRP, L-PRP).
The concentrations of leukocyte and platelet in PRP and whole blood were measured by an automatic hematology analyzer (XP-300, Sysmex, Houston, America).