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public relations (PR)

a general means of promoting a business's COMPANY IMAGE with a view to encouraging customers to buy its products and investors to buy its shares, as well, for example, as influencing government policies on issues relevant to the company. Companies often appoint a PR officer to liase with the MEDIA in providing them with information and news about the company's activities and its record on such matters as CONSUMER PROTECTION and environmental pollution. Sponsorship of sport and the arts, etc. represents an indirect way of building up customer goodwill towards the company's products. See PROMOTIONAL MIX.
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The PR consultants at Oxfordshire PR agency, BOTTLE PR, were chosen after a competitive pitch to deliver a national PR plan that reflects Ovo's fresh and forward-thinking approach to energy.
Just in case the weather hasn't been hot enough, PR practioner Phil Parkin managed to get many PR consultants hot under the collar over the last week with his comments regarding the Institute of Public Relations.
Claire Cairns, Managing Director of BOTTLE PR says: "This seems a very fitting benefit to offer our staff, given that the vast majority of our PR consultants are female.
But it certainly made a lot of money for City banks, brokers, accountants, lawyers and, yes, even financial PR consultants.
Passenger Debbie Coleman, 27, a PR consultant, of Balham, south London, said: "They didn't tell us what was happening and around 300 people left the station and crowded outside."
A Midland PR consultant and mother has won over a national charity with her voluntary work to earn herself a paid position promoting the interests of families with twins and multiple births Linda Jones, aged 32, of Cheslyn Hay, mother to twins Emily and Melissa, aged three, has been appointed PR consultant for Tamba, the Twins and Multiple Births Association.
Although he denies any involvement with Charles' mistress, Kilkenny, an experienced PR consultant, is close to the royals.
Ben lives at McCracken Drive, Gosforth, Newcastle with wife Sara, 37, a PR consultant, and their three children ( Henry, seven, Madeline, six and Celeste, aged two.
Chris Bates, a PR consultant from Selly Park, Birmingham, said: 'The train set off on time and about one mile out of the station just stopped dead.
Sophie has been taken on as a PR consultant to a top London communications company.
If you're new to the process of recruiting a PR consultant or agency, either as an in-house member of staff or as an external contract, it is worth finding the time to interview at least three organisations or individuals who fit your brief.
The Birmingham PR consultant is modelling a pair of heart-shaped 'Crazy Lenses' supplied by Wolverhampton-based m@il optics.