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Red deer were counted at 47 observation spots within the PPNR (see Fig.
He said PPNR has launched an online petition on the Welsh Government website.
We monitored the red deer population of the Petite Pierre National Reserve (PPNR; 2,674ha) located in the Vosges mountains, northeastern France (48.82[degrees]N, 7.34[degrees]E; 200-400 m a.s.l.).
A visible negative trend in earnings measured by return on assets (ROA) or pre-provision net revenue to average assets (PPNR to AA) from current levels resulting in materially lower capital ratios than peer medians could lead to negative rating action over the long-term.
Positive rating action is possible if FHN is able to demonstrate higher and more consistent earnings in line with higher rated institutions, measured by return on average assets (ROAA) and/or pre-provision net revenue-to-average assets (PPNR to AA).
The Company views its operating pre-provision net revenue ("PPNR") as a key metric for assessing the Company's earnings power, which it defines as net operating revenue less operating non-interest expense.