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Kalimullah stressed on the proactive role of PIOs asking the participants to take proactive measures in ensuring availability of public information to the applicants and their respective departments official websites.
It is rare that a PIO participant decides not to participate in this exercise, and it is often highlighted by inmates as one of the most meaningful aspects of the course.
While several appellants got the information, some were denied it after the PIOs submitted that the related files were not traceable.
PIOs responsible for watching daily news clips will find RSS feeds valuable.
Any property inherited by an NRI/ PIO from an Indian resident may also be repatriated at the above rate, but sale proceeds from properties inherited from a non-resident are subject to approval from RBI.
When human service PIOs come together and discuss our common concerns, we can match the collective media muscle and do a better job of telling our stories.
On April 25, 1992, the YF-22 (the production F-22 is shown in Figure 2) also crashed during landing due to PIO caused by the fly-by-wire system (Rushby, 1993).
For example, the use of pattern analysis developed through PIO allows mission commanders to direct limited resources to areas where destabilizing elements such as saboteurs, terrorists, indigenous criminals, and others opposed to U.
Speaking to Gulf News, a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) official said that President Pranab Mukherjee had signed the Citizenship Ordinance which will now provide benefits like life-long visa and exemption from appearing before the local police station on every visit to the country for PIOs.
It is now up the general public to ask for government information and commitedness of the PIOs to dedicatedly work on providing information to the applicants within the legally stipulated time period" he said while informing the participants about the newly developed Webportal for PIOs.
PID would continue to work in coordination with APNS to amicably resolve media-related issues, and create an ideal environment for media organizations to grow further, added the PIO.
Sergey Suo, Account Manager of Huntkey, gave an introduction of Huntkey company and its PIO products.