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PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy)

a database covering over 3000 businesses in Europe and North America which contains information on firms' sales, market shares, investment etc. and market characteristics (growth rates, concentration, customer power, etc.) and which seeks to establish associations between these variables and firms' profit performance. See BUSINESS STRATEGY, COMPETITIVE STRATEGY.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of the PIM and PIM 2 as PICU mortality risk assessment models in the RCWMCH and to compare the population characteristics of the RCWMCH PICU with those of the units in which they were derived.
Protocol independent multicasting (PIM) is an alternative to CBT.
For broadcasters needing to be Aaefirst on the scene' the PIM allows both Ka and Ku networks to be used effectively.
As part of the PIM submission process, lender due diligence advisers, including financial and legal advisers have been appointed.
Speaking about the event's success, Steven Plant, PIM's managing director, said: "We wanted to encourage engagement and collaboration between the supply chain, operators and industry bodies.
A PIM designation is an early indication that a medicinal product is a promising candidate for the Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS), in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of life-threatening or serious debilitating conditions with unmet medical need.
The SMB3310-based PIM combines the efficiency and flexibility of the Newtec Dialog platform with the versatility and reliability of the PIM, said Bart Baekelandt, Product Manager at Newtec.
A new PIM list termed as PRISCUS list was defined by Holt et al specifically to be used for evaluating geriatric pharmacotherapy in Germany.
The concept of Personal Information Management (PIM) is used to describe the role of an individual in the collection, storage, organization, and retrieval of information in digital form (Bergman, Boardman, Gwizdka, and Jones, 2004; Boardman and Sasse, 2004) and is frequently cast in terms of an individual's ability to manage information in fulfilment of their various life roles (Bergman et al., 2004; Fourie, 2011).
To further elevate the portfolio, PIM has added even more fruit puree to the formula, which is at the top of the ingredient list, unlike most other products from competitors in the category.
For this solution, Schneider Electric is drawing on the expertise of Agena3000, a French specialist in food and beverage product information management (PIM).
On this occasion, Schneider Electric also unveiled its new PIM Powered by Agena3000 app for reliable, efficient product information management.