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"Labarat is approximately 90km from Pibor town.Tax revenuesAlthough oil finances over 90 percent of South Sudan's income, the extracting companies have been accused of contaminating water sources and displacing more than 500,000 people in Upper Nile.
A woman in Pibor said that her family have resorted to cooking grasses and weeds that are making them sick -- but that they have no choice if they want to survive," said Nicolo Di Marzo, Oxfam's acting South Sudan director.
They explain the situation in Pibor and Gumuruk towns and the ongoing food distribution, and gather information on the location of other civilians and their condition.
Les Casques bleus de l'ONU, qui ont une base a Pibor, ont indique que "un grand nombre, peut-etre des milliers, de civils" avaient trouve refuge dans leur camp.
Also, following the violent nature of the attack, MSF decided to partially withdraw its teams to reassess the security situation in Pibor. It is the group providing much needed specialised health care services such as basic surgery in the area of Pibor.
The two boys were abducted on 4 August from a nearby fishing river and taken to Kum, a village west of Pibor town, the headquarters of Boma state.
"Nous sommes tres inquiets face aux jeunes (de la tribu) Lou Nuer qui se rassemblent" et se dirigent vers Pibor oE vit la tribu des Murle, a-t-elle explique.
We have issues of insecurity on the road through which our goods come to Pibor," said the minister.