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Should the round lose the GPS link or get off course due to wind anomalies, the PGK would automatically make it inert, dramatically reducing collateral damages.
The PGK is compatible with the M109A6 Paladin and M777A2 lightweight towed howitzer.
Even as the partner network is calling for participation from industry in the FutureTV initiative, PGK and Glocal Media Network have already come together to kick-off innovation.
PGK Media's trial also supports an exciting range of engaging real-time interactive services and new TV platforms for the audience.
The PGK is a fuze set on conventional artillery ammunition that allows for more accurate fires.
showed that incidence of excessive lyonization in healthy women increased significantly with age with the HUMARA and PGK genes.
BAE Systems' PGK team fired 20 155 mm projectiles equipped with its PGK test modules at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona.
5 kilometers from an M109A5 howitzer to evaluate the functional performance, stability and structural integrity of the PGK fuze.
1 million decrease in foreign exchange gain, due to the PGK being relatively stable in the year ended December 31, 2012.
6 million decrease in foreign exchange gains due to the PGK being relatively stable in current quarter ended June 30, 2012.
3 million equivalent of PGK in short term treasury bills issued by the Bank of Papua New Guinea.
During this stringent test, PGK significantly exceeded expectations and requirements for both reliability and safety while demonstrating accuracy that exceeds the 30-meter Circle Error Probable (CEP) objective requirement.