Preferred equity redemption stock

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Preferred equity redemption stock (PERC)

Preferred stock that converts automatically into equity at a stated date. A limit is placed on the value of the shares the investor receives.

Preferred Equity Redemption Stock

A convertible preferred stock that automatically converts to common stock or cash on a certain date. PERCs have higher, guaranteed returns than common stock; however, the issuer reserves the right to exchange them for common stock at any time.
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The donation was a part of C Spire's PERCS with a PURPOSE - turning its popular PERCS customer engagement and rewards program into a powerful giving machine to benefit the ACS during the month of October.
PERCS with a PURPOSE allowed PERCS members to share their points by visiting cspire.
With the introduction of PERCS, C Spire became the first wireless provider in the nation to offer a consumer engagement program that rewards customers for personalizing their wireless experience.
C Spire's PERCS program is working because customers, other wireless users and industry experts are all talking about it.
PERCS with a PURPOSE engages our customers and non-customers and encourages them to get involved in an easy and fun way by sharing their earned PERCS points to help fight breast cancer.
The goal for the PERCS with a PURPOSE program is to encourage PERCS members to share one million PERCS reward points to help raise $20,000 to benefit the ACS.
C Spire Wireless is offering consumers the chance to show their creativity and love of "PERCS" with today's launch of PERCS means PRIZES, the company's first user generated, multi-media contest surrounding it's highly touted PERCS rewards and consumer engagement program.
The contest, which is open to C Spire customers and the general public, kicks off July 16 and will give participants the chance to showcase their talent and show how they use and benefit from their PERCS rewards by submitting photos and videos online.
Our new PERCS of the Game app is designed and developed with personalization in mind," said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Brand Management and Personalization for C Spire Wireless.
With the PERCS Catch app, the network comes to the wireless user, providing additional engagement and personalization.
Shortly after conclusion of the championship game, 19-year-old Chelsea Berry learned that she had won C Spire Wireless' PERCS Million Points Giveaway contest, earning one million PERCS points that she can redeem for a variety of amazing rewards.
Berry was the grand prize winner of the company's PERCS Million Points Giveaway contest, earning one million PERCS reward points that she can redeem for a variety of amazing rewards.