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personal computer (PC)

a small COMPUTER used as a desktop data processing facility in business and for personal use. In the office, PCs and desk-top workstations are often linked together in LOCAL AREA NETWORKS enabling them to share data and peripherals such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. For many tasks the PC has replaced the large mainframe computer (see DOWNSIZING). See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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Tablet PCs come in two basic designs: "slate" devices with detachable or wireless keyboards, and "convertible" devices that mimic the clamshell design of notebook computers, only with displays that swivel 360 degrees and can close over the keyboard, face up.
At this point, PC manufacturers will decide that it is time to bundle ADSL modems with new PCs. Initially, just as the case with the introduction of dial-up modems, only the high-end computers at $1,500 or more will have an ADSL modem.
According to the BSIG, a 1 Mbps rate is "enough bandwidth for the designated usage models" --meaning it has a broad enough pipe to handle data and voice communications among phones, PDAs, and PCs. But more bandwidth would be needed to transmit high-resolution motion video of, say, DVD or DirecTV satellite TV quality.
The sweepstakes campaign was designed to reach existing PCS digital phone users, as well - as people using traditional analog, cellular wireless phones.
Compulsive consumption is rarely energy-efficient: Continued consumer demand for faster and fancier systems is expected to send 150 million PCs to landfills by the year 2005, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University.
After explaining belt-carried chemical agents to several PCs and commanders, the Jackson officers created a great deal of interest.
The HP Pavilion zd8000 series and Compaq Presario X6000 series Notebook PCs can be configured with Intel Pentium 4 processors 560 with HT technology (3.6Ghz), 2GB DDR2 400 memory, an 100GB 5400 RPM hard drive and 802.11g wireless connectivity.
Recent market research also indicates that consumers are putting their money into mobile devices like PDAs and cell phones, not PCs.
"PCs can be networked, and most of our software is related to networks.
The current rule and existing state accountancy laws and regulations limit Institute members to practicing in proprietorships, partnerships or professional corporations (PCs).
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has announced the availability of AMD Sempron processors, a new family of processors that redefine everyday computing for value-conscious buyers of desktop and notebook PCs. The AMD Sempron and Mobile AMD Sempron processors are designed to deliver best-in-class performance and a full-feature set to meet the evolving day-to-day computing needs of home and business PC users.
But perhaps that's fitting, since PC Expo itself has become an oddity: a PC floor show where PCs are preliminary used only to demonstrate the new devices that connect to them.