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Chairman PCNS Senator Mian Razza Rabbani has had categorically declared missing people issue in Balochistan as root cause of the unrest and law and order in the province.
The PCNS urged to resolve missing persons issue through national institutions.
The parliament decided on Wednesday session to send the elections law draft to the PCNS due to the Council's failure to endorse the law.
PCNS offers outsourced IT services to small and medium-sized businesses that use cloud and virtual services.
Raza Rabbani has directed for elimination of the reservations tendered by the members of PCNS.
PCNS and Walker will offer regional telecommunications providers and businesses a full line of equipment and services, from equipment procurement to turnkey network integration.
Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema- e Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced the end of the boycott of the PCNS deliberations.
The meeting, presided over by Chairman PCNS Senator Raza Rabbani, took place in the parliament house, Islamabad.
PCNS reviewed drafts submitted by members on anti terrorism law and proposed legislation on the issue of missing people and decided to finalize it by June 7.
The amended set of PCNS proposals, according to a source familiar with behind-the-scenes negotiations with the opposition parties represented in PCNS, could be accompanied by a dissenting note unlike the previous version that were framed with near consensus.