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In this study, all cases of PCN were performed under ultrasonographic guidance under local anaesthesia with the patient in a prone or prone-oblique position.
Oil jet breakup, localized boiling, and mist generation from a PCN was captured with a high-speed camera by Agarwal and Goyal though no quantitative analysis was performed on the images [10].
We have conducted this study to determine the efficacy of PCN, regarding the optimization of patient clinically and biochemically for definitive treatment of the underlying cause.
With the realization that needles and catheters could be safely and quickly used on the kidney, the method of PCN became the window into the organ for a variety of interventional uro-radiological and endo-urological procedures.
Dielectrical breakdown strength of the PCN films was determined with an Electrotechnic Laborato-rium D-7015 "Insulation Breakdown Tester" UH270; the resolution was 50 V for 2.
As reformas educacionais e neste quadro os PCN devem ser entendidas no contexto das reformas do Estado brasileiro que "(.
Showa DDE brought from Britain 18 tons of chlorinated naphthalene, containing 85% PCN, between fiscal 1998 and 2000 and used it to produce 259 tons of a synthetic rubber containing 4% PCN between fiscal 1999 and 2001.
PCN can be downloaded for free at the company's Web site and is also available on CD-ROM for $19.
Of the 63 PCN-resistant isolates, 41 (65%) were highly resistant to PCN, and 17 (27%) were highly resistant to cefotaxime (MIC [greater than or equal to]2 [micro]g/mL) (5), an extended spectrum cephalosporin.
The concept of PCN originated in the UK with the aim of providing low cost, high capacity mobile communications.
net PCN provides clinicians with additional insight into changes in their patients' heart failure status through advanced impedance and lead monitoring capabilities, improving the management of patients at risk of sudden cardiac death or ventricular and atrial arrhythmias.
Patients counselled and patients giving consent for PCN were selected for study.