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* Oros[R] 5.5 (we began with Oros 5.1 and upgraded over the life of the project) to construct the PBC models.
The PBC further recommends that the changes be made to require transfer of the existing proceedings by NAB against the private sector to another appropriate court so that the trial may continue against them at the appropriate forum.
The bar councils - including the PBC, Punjab Bar Council (PbBC), Sindh Bar Council, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council, Balochistan Bar Council and Islamabad Bar Council - unanimously demanded the withdrawal of the references since they were based on mala fide intentions and were filed without adhering to the mandatory provisions of relevant laws.
PBC is a scripless instrument registered in the Securities General Ledgers Account (SGLA) maintained at State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
In view of section 11C of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973 and Rules 108-O and 175 of Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rules 1976, the PBC Vice Chairman Kamran Murtaza wrote a note on September 11 to AGP Khan, who is also Chairman of PBC, to consider whether in view of the aforementioned provisions of law, Naseem ceases to be a Member of PBC.
This year's PBC will highlight airport, electricity rate and telco services.
The meeting unanimously adopted a resolution expressing concern for the non-payment of increase amount in pension and misappropriation of Pension Funds by the PBC Authorities.
Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA Pakistan, said, 'ACCA and Pakistan Business Council's recent collaboration on the UN Sustainable Development Goals was an excellent example of what this MoU can bring to members of both PBC and ACCA in terms of capacity building, sharing of thought leadership material and addressing current business challenges and proposing solutions.' Ehsan A.
The convention in Islamabad was called by PBC vice-chairman Ahsan Bhoon on April 29 in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's April 20 judgement in the Panama Papers case.
Genetic studies provided additional support in favour of the instrumental role of IL-12 in the immunopathogenesis of PBC. Genome wide association studies (GWAS) provided evidence that PBC displays a strong association with SNPs located within the IL12A as well as within IL12RB2 gene [14, 15].
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) is an idiopathic, cholestatic destruction of intra-hepatic microscopic bile ducts.
The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) is ready to open its first office in the Cambridge Business Centre at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO).