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Equal to the nominal or face value of a security. A bond selling at par is worth an amount equivalent to its original issue value or its value upon redemption at maturity-typically $1000/bond. See: Discount, premium.


1. Of equal value. The word is often used in relation to pegged currencies; that is, if one currency pegs itself to another at par, it means that the central bank has declared that the currencies are of equal value.

2. The full price of a bond. This is usually, but not always, $1,000 per bond. Coupon payments are calculated as a percentage of par. Likewise, bonds are often traded as a percentage of par. For example, one may buy a bond at 95% of par, meaning that the investor pays $950. It is also called face value.



See par value.
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Uphoria 3 LED PAR lamps have a special thermal design that maintains proper thermal management of the LEDs.
LedEngin said that, with the addition of the 230V option for Europe and Asia, LuxPAR is now a truly global replacement for halogen and metal halide PAR lamps.
Uphoria 2 LED PAR lamps also have a special thermal design that allows air to flow around the inside and outside of lamp and over the heat sink to maintain proper thermal management of the LEDs.
Building upon its highly successful GENERATION 2 PAR line, GREEN CREATIVE has designed a new range of PAR lamps featuring the latest in LED technology.
NaturaLED PAR lamps come in PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 sizes and meet Energy Star, IES LM-79 and LM-80, UL, FCC and RoHS compliance requirements with luminance output reaching 1000lm.
At the exhibit's entry, LED PAR lamps concealed within ground foliage highlight a Sumatran-style hut and cast scattered shadows along the trail.
com offers a variety of high quality products such as LED Par Lamps (http://www.
The 7-watt LED PAR lamps from GE helped do just that, as well as save several hundred thousand dollars annually in lighting costs over the life of the lamps.