Own-occupation policy

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Own-Occupation Policy

An insurance policy that pays benefits to the policyholder if he/she becomes unable to perform work for which he/she is qualified. For example, if a dictionary writer's hands fall off, he likely would be eligible for the benefits of an own-occupation policy because he would be unable to write definitions for the dictionary. Some own-occupation policies pay benefits if the policyholder becomes unable to perform his/her current job, while others only do so if he/she is unable to do any job that he/she would otherwise be able to do.

Own-occupation policy.

If you purchase an own-occupation disability insurance policy, you are entitled to receive benefits if a disability prevents you from performing the skilled work for which you have been trained.

Some other disability policies pay a benefit only if you are unable to do any type of work for which you're qualified.

References in classic literature ?
Now, there were many stairs and passages that she had to traverse in passing from that part of the spacious house to the chamber she had secured for her own occupation.
She has her own occupations to attend to; and besides, she is too old to run after a child, and he is too mercurial to be tied to an elderly woman.
You have your own occupations and your own friends.
Has his behaviour, when females have been in the case, always been that of a man, who, having attained a pretty advanced period of life, content with his own occupations and amusements, treats them only as a father might his daughters?
But New Delhi's closer ties with Israel and India's own occupation of Kashmir tell a different story.
They do not know the expenditure heads that should be taken into consideration in the cost-benefit analysis of their own occupation.
Your client will need to provide information regarding the loved one's condition and demonstrate a loss of time and earnings in his or her own occupation.
This disposal to the University of Bristol, who are acquiring for their own occupation, enables the company to crystallise significant performance following refurbishment without taking any letting risk.
Siegfried Sassoon, who served as an officer in the RWF, wrote: "Our own occupation of Quadrangle Trench was only a prelude to that pandemonium which converted the green thickets of Mametz Wood to a desolation of skeleton trees and blackening bodies.
Occupation pressure employees will reduce their own occupation career happiness, so as to reduce the occupation commitment to the company.
Potential disqualifications include failure to have been actively at work at your own occupation for the 90 days prior to applying.
Green and Brown managing director Darren Green said: "Grange Moor is a fabulous location for our expanding company which is why we have bought one of the warehouses for our own occupation and the other as an investment.