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Describing an institution, especially a bank, that exists in a foreign country. Colloquially, the term refers to institutions that exist in known tax havens. Individuals and companies use offshore accounts to avoid or evade taxes in their home countries. As a result, some emerging financial centers have objected to being called "offshore," asking for parity with the developed financial world.


Of or relating to a financial organization whose headquarters lies outside the United States. Although offshore institutions must abide by U.S. regulations for operations carried on within the U.S., other activities generally escape domestic regulation.
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The Aramco Overseas Company is based in Leiden, the Netherlands and is an affiliate of Saudi Aramco of Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
TURKISH Petroleum Overseas Company (TPOC) , a wholly owned TPAO subsidiary, has discovered oil at a well on a Libyan concession it operates.
the largest oil company in Korea, Parsons Overseas Company has ordered two, single-stage Penn(TM) compressors.
A $4 billion equity joint venture by Fujian Petrochemical Company Limited (a company jointly owned by Sinopec and Fujian provincial government), Aramco Overseas Company BV and ExxonMobil (China) Petroleum & Petrochemical Company Limited.
Al-Falih, Saudi Aramco President and Chief Executive Officer, while expressing his gratitude to Hanjin Group for a mutually rewarding partnership with Aramco Overseas Company in S-Oil over the past 7 years, and communicating Saudi Aramco s wishes for the Group s future success.
CANGUARD and Pharmascience have together reached agreement in principle with an overseas company on a worldwide exclusive licence for a new, unique, sustained release form of an important antiepileptic drug.
HOUSTON -- Earth Decision Sciences (Earth Decision), a leading provider of a fully integrated shared-earth model for asset teams, and Aramco Overseas Company, B.
Foster Wheeler has won a front end engineering contract from Aramco Overseas Company for a gas compression project in Saudi Arabia.
Said Roger Marshall, "His experience in managing an overseas company in Japan will enhance our firm's ability to recruit qualified Japanese executives for our American and European clients.
Tengizchevroil, LLP is a limited partnership between ChevronTexaco Overseas Company, ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Ventures, KazMinuaiGaz and LukArko that is involved in the turn-key development of the giant Tengiz and nearby Korlev oil fields in Kazakhstan.

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