overnight repo

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Overnight repo

A repurchase agreement with a term of one day.

Overnight Repo

A practice in which a bank or other financial institution buys securities with the proviso that the seller repurchase the same securities the following day. Financial institutions do this in order to raise short-term capital. See also: Overnight loan.

overnight repo

A repurchase agreement in which securities are sold provided that they will be repurchased on the following day. Financial institutions use overnight repos as a means of raising short-term money for financing inventories.
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According to the CBJ No overnight repurchase agreements were held with the CBJ last Thursday.
Another tool would have a similar impact but apply more broadly, using overnight repurchase agreements that would let money market funds and other institutions as well as banks essentially make short-term deposits at the Fed.
Shaw Group, said that the Fed should use the interest rate at which it will offer overnight repurchase agreements as its "policy instrument" and that that rate should be the same as that paid banks on reserves.
The CBJ kept the interest rates unchanged on other monetary tools, the rediscount rate and overnight repurchase agreements.
The New York Federal Reserve Bank added $50 billion in liquidity to money markets through overnight repurchase agreements, known as repos.
Minutes after the opening bell, the New York Fed, which carries out the central bank's market operation, announced $2 billion in overnight repurchase agreements.
5 million that swept into overnight repurchase agreements at September 30, 2005.
These additional considerations have resulted in an increase in the number and volume of overnight repurchase agreements arranged in 1996 and thus far in 1997 (table 4).
To ensure adequate liquidity, at least 10 percent but no more than 40 percent of the portfolio shall be in overnight repurchase agreements, money market funds, or other secure and liquid forms of acceptable investments.
While the relation between money definition M1 (currency + traveler's checks + demand deposits + other checkable accounts) and the rate of growth of nominal output has deteriorated in recent years, the authors think that M2 (M1 + overnight repurchase agreements + overnight Eurodollar accounts + money market funds + money market deposit accounts + savings deposits + small time deposits), still tracks the economy fairly well.
9% of the portfolio was allocated to overnight repurchase agreements, and 18.
It added that the value of overnight repurchase agreements (REPO) held with the CBJ was JD 19.