overnight position

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Overnight position

A broker-dealer's position in a security at the end of a trading day.
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Overnight Position

The position that a broker-dealer has at the end of a trading day. A large overnight position, either long or short, exposes the broker-dealer to the risk that events or after hours trading between the close and open of an exchange will negatively impact the price at the open. However, this risk is primarily relevant only when the overnight position is intended for the short-term.
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overnight position

A broker-dealer's net security position at the end of a trading day. A large overnight position leaves the broker-dealer vulnerable to events occurring before the market opens the next day.
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Ruggieri's trades based on the tips were atypical for his normal trading patterns, according to the SEC, either buying the stocks ahead of an upgrade or buying short positions ahead of a downgrade and selling his overnight positions the next day after the information went public.
Minori Takeuchi, senior forex market analyst at JP Morgan Chase Bank, said, ''Since currency traders tried to push up the euro above the $1.10 line in New York overnight, Tokyo saw the traders reverse their overnight positions to take profits through euro selling.''
Unlike tournament leader Paul Lawrie, they all went backwards from their overnight positions, but Bebb retrieved strokes at the 13th and tough 15th, his final hole, to drop only one shot to one-under.
Ford team director Malcolm Wilson had issued strict orders that the two drivers should hold their overnight positions.