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Over-the-counter (OTC)

A decentralized market (as opposed to an exchange market) where geographically dispersed dealers are linked by telephones and computer screens. The market is for securities not listed on a stock or bond exchange. The NASDAQ market is an OTC market for US stocks. Antithesis of listed.

Over-the-Counter Market

Describing a security or trade that does not occur on an exchange. Very often, the OTC market includes securities that are very small and do not trade on an exchange because they do not meet market capitalization requirements. OTC securities may theoretically be traded informally (one may stand on a street corner and sell his/her stocks), but the term usually refers to securities traded through a dealer network.

Over-the-counter (OTC).

Securities that trade over-the-counter (OTC) are not listed on an organized stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Common stocks, corporate, government, and municipal bonds (munis), money market instruments, and other products, such as forward contracts and certain options, may trade OTC.

Generally speaking, the OTC market is a negotiated market conducted between brokers and dealers using telephone and computer networks.

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Table: Morocco Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicine Market Indicators, Historical Data and Forecasts 26
For example, some over-the-counter medications, such as decongestants, can raise your blood pressure or interfere with the effectiveness of some prescribed blood pressure medications.
We have stressed that patients needing over-the-counter drugs, which are medications that do not require a prescription, should continue to be buy them in the normal way.
Thus the argument that allowing teens over-the-counter access to Plan B could result in the quicker spread of STDs deserves a fair and proper evaluation rather than quick dismissal.
In addition to paying full price for doctors' visits, those without health insurance are most exposed to the dramatic difference in price between over-the-counter and prescription drugs.
Healthcare providers also needed to know about available over-the-counter medicines and their licensed indications and doses.
They are looking for a quick fix with readily available over-the-counter treatments.
The partnership will have development and marketing rights to all present and future over-the-counter products of the two parent companies.
through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is a marketer and distributor of brand name over-the-counter drug, household cleaning, and personal care products sold throughout the United States and Canada.
The problem of drug interactions is especially acute when cold and flu sufferers run the risk of mixing over-the-counter drugs that either shouldn't be used together or with prescribed drugs, said William I.
The agreement gives Whitehall exclusive rights to market nizatidine products over-the-counter in the United States and certain markets worldwide.
Prestige Brands Holdings is a marketer and distributor of brand name over-the-counter drug, household and personal care products sold throughout the U.