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1. To make both buy and sell orders through different brokers to create the impression of increased interest in a security and thereby raise the price. This is a form of price manipulation and is forbidden by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. It is less formally known as churning.

2. In brokering, to make more trades on a client's holdings than are necessary in order to maximize commissions. Overtrading is illegal.


1. To purchase a client's securities at an above-the-market price in return for the client's purchase of part of a new issue.
2. See churn.
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Experienced insolvency practitioners will report that they are always busier on the way out of recession as businesses over-trade and run out of working capital.
5 RETAILER SHARE Confectionery: 52w/e 10 July 2011 TRADING VALUE grocery % ategory % over-trade y-o-y% Tesco 30.
4 | RETAILER SHARE Rice 8 noodles: 52w/e 15 May 2011 TRADING VALUE grocery% category% over-trade y-o-y% Asda 14.
8 TRADING VALUE grocery% category* over-trade y-o-y% Aldi 2.
9 RETAILER SHARE Youghts & pot desserts: 52w/e 26 December 2010 TRADING VALUE grocery category over-trade y-0-y% % % Marks & Spencer 3 5.
One low-key innovation he is happy to support is price-marking, which, he says helps independents--who traditionally strongly over-trade in confectionery--compete with multiples.
M&S, the hard discounters and to a lesser extent Morrisons over-trade in cakes and biscuits versus their share of total grocery.
Waitrose continues to over-trade in organic produce, although its share of the market has decreased slightly this year due to changes among the other retailers.
Other retailers that over-trade in wine include Sainsbury's (21%), the hard discounters (16%) and the Co-ops (43%).
Asda is now the only one of the big four to over-trade, as its 14.
However, although the major supermarkets have a high market shore, and over-trade in oils compared with total grocery, Lidl and Aldi over-trade to an even larger extent.