shares outstanding

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Shares Outstanding

The number of shares an issuing entity, such as a publicly-traded company, has not repurchased and that are available for trade by the general public. This is sometimes known as collection float or float.
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shares outstanding

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In addition, proportionate adjustments will be made to the exercise prices of the company's outstanding stock options and warrants and to the number of shares issued and issuable under the company's existing stock incentive plans.
The series A will pay a dividend of USD0.14843750 per share on the 197,386 outstanding stock; series B will pay USD0.17395800 per share on the 296,146 outstanding stock; series C will pay a dividend of USD0.15416670 per share on the 249,852 outstanding stock; series D will pay USD0.15104167 per share on the 285,522 outstanding stock; and series E will pay a dividend of USD0.14583330 per share on the 415,240 outstanding stock.
Mumbai: The RBI announced a cap on the outstanding stock of external commercial borrowings at 6.5 percent of GDP at current market prices.
Employers Mutual Looks to Acquire Outstanding Stock of EMC Group
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 26, 2018--Employers Mutual Casualty to take over EMC Group's outstanding stock
In July, Steel Partners, with no current operating business, agreed to acquire outstanding stock of Ore Holdings, Inc.
The company acquired and cancelled 5% of its outstanding stock. Over five years, Tellza has acquired and cancelled 25% of its outstanding stock.
International Resource News-March 20, 2015--Willbros completes transaction for sale of all outstanding stock of its UtilX subsidiary to Novinium
Under the new guidelines, the company says, equity shares given through the revamped compensation plan will consist of no more than 0.8 percent of all outstanding stock in 2015, and then no more than 0.4 percent of all outstanding stock through the life of the plan.
Solvay has the right to commence a squeeze-out offer if acquiring more than 95% of Rhodia's outstanding stock.
The agreement to acquire all of the outstanding stock of the parent company of AirTran Airways will be with a combination of cash and Southwest Airlinesa[euro](tm) common stock.

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