Outstanding shares

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Outstanding shares

Shares that are currently owned by investors.

Shares Outstanding

The number of shares an issuing entity, such as a publicly-traded company, has not repurchased and that are available for trade by the general public. This is sometimes known as collection float or float.

Outstanding shares.

The shares of stock that a corporation has issued and not reacquired are described as its outstanding shares. Some of but not all these shares are available for trading in the marketplace.

A corporation's market capitalization is figured by multiplying its outstanding shares by the market price of one share. The number of outstanding shares is often used to derive much of the financial information that's provided on a per-share basis, such as earnings per share or sales per share.

However, some analysts prefer to use floating shares rather than outstanding shares in calculating market cap and various ratios.

Floating shares are the outstanding shares that are available for trading as opposed to those held by founding partners, in pension funds, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), and similar programs.

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The offer requires that 3D purchase 67 percent of DTM's outstanding shares of common stock.
Pursuant to the proposal, each fund would make an initial offer to repurchase 25% of its outstanding shares.
Bairnco filed a Solicitation/Recommendation Statement on Schedule 14D-9 (as amended from time to time, the "Schedule 14D-9") with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") on July 6, 2006, regarding Steel Partners II's unsolicited tender offer for all the outstanding shares of Stock of Bairnco (the "Offer").
The offer must be conditioned on a minimum of a majority of the outstanding shares of Company common stock other than shares owned by the offeror or its affiliates and associates being tendered;
After expiration of the subsequent offering period, Navico will acquire all of the remaining outstanding shares of Lowrance common stock by means of a merger under Delaware law.
Assuming the receipt of a sufficient number of shares tendered pursuant to guaranteed delivery procedures to ensure that Koch Forest Products holds at least 88% of the outstanding shares of Georgia-Pacific, Koch Forest Products intends to exercise its option under the merger agreement to purchase newly issued shares of Georgia-Pacific common stock in order to attain ownership of 90% of the outstanding shares of Georgia-Pacific.
Including tenders made pursuant to the guaranteed delivery procedures, a total of 25,950,261 shares were tendered, constituting approximately 52% of the outstanding shares and approximately 55% of the shares not owned by IDT.
If at least 90 percent of the outstanding shares of ANS common stock have been tendered by the expiration of the subsequent offering period, St.
NYSE: BSC) declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 25 cents per share on the outstanding shares of common stock payable October 28, 2005 to stockholders of record on October 18, 2005.
will commence a cash tender offer within 10 business days to acquire all of the outstanding shares of BayCorp common stock.
87% of the issued and outstanding Shares on a Partially Diluted Basis and Philip Richards, who may be considered a joint actor with Special Situations, owned 300,000 Shares and 1,000,000 Special Warrants, representing approximately 5.

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