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Oser said he purposely decided to add a Catholic perspective when writing the novel.
The agency of close to 70 employees is large enough to handle any size account, but still keep that personal, family touch, according to Oser.
For Oser the tradition of Christian humanism rests upon a moral foundation of reason and human nature that affirms "the orthodox planks of the Apostles' Creed.
The problem lies in that consultants are beholden to their own firms and billable hours are their motivation where district employees report to the public," Oser said.
Oser takes modernism as a major cultural expression of the Cartesian split: "Individual consciousness is the privileged medium of the modernist view of things" (7).
On the one hand, Oser presents the case made by the New Darwinist school, represented in his book most expansively by Steven Pinker, which looks askance at the modernist investment in aesthetic efforts to effect social change.
He is hardly a major literary figure, though Oser makes a not completely convincing case for the novel The Flying Inn ("no novel written in the last century is more prescient" (156)).
George Oser, ND Class of 1958, commenting on the storm surrounding President Obama's commencement appearance (New York Times, April 20)
En ces temps de crises et de mutations inedites, en ces temps ou les certitudes du passe se dissipent dans les craintes pour l'avenir, nous devons revendiquer et oser une langue nouvelle, non pas celle de la colonisation des espaces et des esprits, non pas celle de l'egoisme et du repli, non pas celle du profit immediat pour quelques-uns au detriment de tous, non pas celle du laisser-faire et du laisser-aller, non pas celle de la haine et des armes, mais celle d'une humaine condition partagee dans un esprit de solidarite, de dialogue et de concorde.
Oser Food Ingredients Safety Award from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Chicago, IL.
Oser of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services in Helena.
Oser reported in a poster presented at the meeting.