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Agreeing with Chesterton's view that "the most practical and important thing about a man is still his view of the universe" (22), Oser lists Chesterton's opponents, his "heretics" as "Pater, Nietzsche, Wilde, Shaw, Kipling, Wells, Tolstoy, Whistler, and Yeats" (24)--a typically large sampling.
Once a headquarters for the Pall Corporation, the 17,050-square-foot office building at 95 Oser Ave.
The ingredient supplier, which operates out of 255 Oser Ave., founded American Regional Health to serve as its manufacturing arm.
Additionally, LNK International, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals took 48,000 s/f of space at 60 Oser Ave.
Other significant new leases included a 30,000 s/f commitment at 185 Oser Avenue by Better Living; a 22,706 s/f deal at 5 Orville Drive and a 12,567 s/f deal at 160 Wilbur Place, both by Sartorius and a 12,591 s/f deal by Distributor Operations at 85 Orville Drive.
Scan Modul System, Inc., 400 Oser Avenue, Suite 2050, Hauppauge, NY 11788.
Other noteworthy transactions within the Rechler Equity portfolio included: A&Z Pharmaceutical Inc.'s new 8,280 s/f lease at 180 Oser Avenue in Hauppauge, NY; AMS's 7,800 s/f new commitment lease at 180 Orville in Bohemia, NY; and Sensory Lighting's 7,500 s/f renewal at 651 Old Willets Path in Hauppauge, NY.
at 180 Oser Avenue in Hauppauge, N.Y; and a 9,200 s/fnew lease by Steinway, Inc.
The largest transaction completed during the first quarter was a 22,000 s/f new lease by Globecomm Systems Inc., a global provider of satellite-based communications solutions, at 63 Oser Avenue in Hauppauge, NY.