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"Ort Gallery's innovative and inclusive approach is vital to Birmingham's rich and vibrant arts ecology and we look forward to seeing how our investment helps the gallery strengthen its business and grow its audiences."
Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT) has been used in Australia since 1969 to treat people with Problematic Opioid Dependency (POD) resulting from heroin addiction and, more recently, to manage prescriptions opioid misuse (Ritter and Chalmers 2009; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2009; 2011).
"What we're trying to do is to take ORT 1.0 and create ORT 2.0," said Dr.
In the Conway area where construction is under way, an AHTD 2010 traffic study revealed that 54,000-58,000 vehicles traverse the highway daily, Ort said.
Don Ort, U of I professor of crop sciences and USDA/ARS scientist, said: "Global change is happening so quickly that its impact on agriculture is taking the world by surprise.
Miami Federal Judges to be Honored: The Greater Miami Region of ORT America will honor U.S.
* SWITZERLAND: Shifting its focus from REACH pre-registration to registration, Dow Chemical Company has established the Dow Only Representative Trustee (ORT) to leverage REACH registrations and thereby reduce costs all along its supply chains.
Ort; the Second World War and the rehabilitation of Holocaust survivors.
An ICU outreach team (ORT) for delivering the service was formed in a tertiary care hospital in Saskatoon to respond to calls from inpatient units to provide critical care expertise to patients when the nurse is worried or concerned, or when signs of physiological distress appear.