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ORS has now ended all legal action against the CHC, its officers and members.
A modest Mahalanabis smilingly dedicated the global acceptance of ORS to his teacher Dhiman Barua who was also associated with WHO and gave a significant push to the noble initiative.
Reported cholera ORS treatment received at home for health facility versus community decedents, Haiti, October-November 2010 * Health facility decedent, ORS use no.
The ORS approach marks a significant shift in the US space culture.
With attention to effectiveness of ORS and zinc sulfate treatment, in present study, effect of both of treatments in 1-4 year old infants were compared.
ORS said the proprietary Workstation is an "Intensive Care Unit" for organs, allowing ex-vivo organ care using a broad range of medical solutions at temperatures from 0 C - 37 C, on-board medical gases, and state of the art organ viability monitoring.
It means that residents in that home are required to pay EPUD for electric service, but are not allowed to vote on utility issues that affect them, or to serve on the utility's Board of Directors.
The few reports about ORS that have been published in the last century "suggest that it is clinically important," she said.
Moreover, he said 50,000 and 100,000 ORS packets had been sent to DG Khan and Muzaffargarh respectively, adding that a large number of drips and water purification tablets had been sent to flood-hit areas to protect children and senior citizens from dehydration.
The department has provided ORS packets and other medicines in a large quantity to meet any emergency in all districts.
The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway provides a central point of control for the DVB-T2 network, enabling ORS to take advantage of the more efficient spectrum utilisation promised by next-generation terrestrial broadcasting.