Organized exchange

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Organized exchange

A securities marketplace where purchasers and sellers regularly gather to trade securities according to the formal rules adopted by the exchange.
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Organized Exchange

Any securities exchange in which traders and brokers meet to buy and sell securities according to the rules set by the governing body of the exchange. See also: Self-regulatory organization.
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This will address the constraints faced by both smallholder farmers and consumers by providing an organized market through a single platform where buyers and sellers meet.
5,000-6,000 crore, of which one-third is the organized market and Kurlon says it enjoys 45-50% of that market.
The aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul market is a highly organized market in which players are regulated by various international and local governing bodies.
The BSP has been pursuing a bold financial sector reform agenda which includes ambitious foreign exchange reforms toward a more organized market that supports a flexible and market-determined exchange rate.
Summary: In the context of GeorgiaEe's capital market development, GeorgiaEe's amended Tax Code provides for preferential treatment of capital gain and interest income on debt and equity instruments issued by a resident legal entity through a public offering and admitted for trading on an organized market recognized by the National Bank of Georgia
The Egyptian government is intensifying its efforts to regulate the internal trade sector, which includes the operation of wholesale and retail markets, which are concerned with the supply of all basic and non-basic commodities to the public, so as to regulate prices through creating a competitive organized market.
The conference is aimed at further liberalizing of the electricity market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with special emphasis on the establishment of an organized market - the BiH stock exchange and the creation of BiH's investment regulatory and market framework for market acceptance and financial sustainability of renewable energy projects, says the statement.
We have an organized market today, aligned to the international standard, advanced technical structure and expertise in financial engineering, however, the technical and organizational development of the market and the expertise of some financial trades have not been accompanied by a development of its role in financing the economy.
We want an organized market equipped with state of the art facilities and we are even ready to pay for it, said by another vendor Mohammad Sajid.
It is, the brainchild of Dave and Miranda who with a little help from their friends have turned this light and airy warehouse into a well organized market space.
"Listing STCPs alongside bonds in the organized market will afford corporate issuers the flexibility to access short or long-term funding supported by the same established secondary market infrastructure.
The estimated size of the organized market in India is Rs 6100 cr and this is estimated to grow at over 15% per annum, fuelled by the corporate travel and tourism.

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