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Once you have an organizational chart you have a clear vision of your current structure and where you have a vacant need.
In most manufacturing organizations, the purchasing manager spends a significant amount of the company's money and thus has a great impact on profit, but PDQ's organizational chart does not even show who is in charge of purchasing.
Unfortunately, while wikis can be very useful for capturing and displaying the relationships between pieces of many types of information, they were never designed to display other types of information, such as organizational charts.
The Agile Workplace has its focus on the work itself -- not on the technology, the buildings or the organizational chart.
Item 5 in the introductory material on page 1 of the form requests a list or an organizational chart identifying the name, placement, percentage of ownership, and tax classification of all entities in the chain between the tax owner and the FDE.
Think of it as an organizational chart where the project management processes and knowledge areas are scheduled within a three-to-five-year time frame according to deliverables.
If, however, the communication department in your company hangs by a thread from the organizational chart, don't fear The Reaper.
We envision the management structure to be an upside-down organizational chart, with the customer at the top (figure 1, page 16).
The attached organizational chart shows members serving the 1990-1991 term.
The Data Book also includes the IRS organizational chart and five tables with State data.
After all, many of you are merely a dotted line on the organizational chart where everyone else is a solid.
Cousine told him it was structured in an organizational chart.

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