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organization development (OD)

the process of improving organization performance by improving the pattern of interaction between members of the ORGANIZATION. The philosophy behind OD is that the core features of organization, such as task specialization, tend to obstruct the full use of individual talents and hence inhibit effectiveness. MECHANISTIC organizations can benefit from being loosened-up to enable faster response to environmental change. To do this individuals need to understand what others do and what motivates them, as well as themselves, and to identify the barriers to personal and group effectiveness. OD facilitates this through use of behavioural techniques such as T-Groups (see MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT). Many are wary of OD, partly because it seems to delve into the private domain and partly because its benefits are difficult to quantify. Also, if power relationships in the organization are left unchanged individuals may become resentful: they have been encouraged to modify their behaviour but their bosses, it seems, have not. See CULTURE. GROUP.
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In a highly competitive business world, leadership plays a crucial role in organizational development which must be aligned with the technological advancements and change (Crane and Matten, 2016).
Ninety-two percent of respondents agreed that the application of what they learned at an NSDTA conference has helped to improve how training and organizational development is facilitated within their organization.
The fourth and final article in this symposium, "Assessing the Level of Cultural Competency in Public Organizations " by Nick Weimer and Aziza Zemrani, scans the horizon for future issues in professional and organizational development. These authors see cultural competency as the next BIG thing that will confront organizations head-on in the coming years as we move to a more globalized society.
More successful activity-based costing implementation is likely to affect best business outcomes, namely organizational development, business competitiveness and corporate success.
Table 4 depicts respondents either received training for teaching methodologies or not they have different opinion about training transfer environment, where as they have same opinion about instructional development, personal development, personal needs, personal motivation and organizational development. Table 5 shows that the respondents either received training for subject specialization or not have different opinion about personal development and training transfer environment, where as they have same opinion about instructional development, personal needs, personal motivation and organizational development.
Organizational development is necessary to change the managers and subordinates mentalities within the respective organization, relating to the increase in flexibility and get its adaptation to the changes that occur in the environment, with the aim of increasing the use of resources in an efficient way.
A strong organizational development program is critical for both sustainability and growth in a healthcare organization.
is pleased to announce that Steve Reynosa, Director of Organizational Development for Citrix Systems, will be a guest on Wise Talk, a popular monthly leadership forum for technology executives, on July 18, 2014 at 11am PT/2pm ET.
So work life improvement causes to enhance the incentive of human resources and to cooperate and to accompany in the organizational development
"By signing this MoU, PSO and CGPM, SBDS will initiate efforts to build PSO's organizational capacity through assessment of organizational development needs and structuring of training programs for different tiers of the organization," the spokesperson added.
Zafar Iqbal gave an overview of change management and its positive impact on organizational development. He apprised the audience on the benefits of effective and organizational development which included an organization's ability to successfully meet current and future business challenges while enhancing the return on investment.
Organizational development and alignment; the Tensegrity Mandala framework.
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