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This place he presumed would be somewhere about the Straits of Annian, at which point he supposed the Oregon disembogued itself.
This time he gained southern Oregon before he was caught and returned.
Another time the brown wanderer succeeded in traversing half the length of California, all of Oregon, and most of Washington, before he was picked up and returned "Collect.
Twenty-eight hundred of them had been annihilated in a tremendous series of dynamite explosions in Oregon, and in a similar manner, a number of train loads, at different times and places, had been destroyed.
The Oregon Dairy Products Commission works to build demand for Oregon dairy products on behalf of the dairy farmers of Oregon through advertising, public relations, nutrition education, research and regulatory management.
Oregon's old bridges are being given new lives as the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed a series of initiatives that encourages recycling on all levels of its OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program.
The great migration of 1843 brought pioneers with their covered wagons from the Mississippi Valley to the end of the Oregon Trail, and many Baptists were numbered among them.
Oregon has a history of interpreting its constitution to prevent discrimination, Li and others say, and it is one of only 11 states that don't have a "defense of marriage" statute.
They couldn't come up with that, even against hapless Oregon State.
The unexpected death of a teenager from neurocysticercosis prompted an investigation of this disease in Oregon.
There are African Americans alive today who can remember when they were not allowed to stay overnight in certain Oregon towns.
As a long-time Oregon resident, forest-resource economist, and Bush Administration deputy assistant secretary of agriculture overseeing the Forest Service, I have been immersed in the "jobs vs.