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Started in the late nineteenth century, the State Fair has become an Oregon family tradition.
The first German Baptist work in the Northwest can be traced to immigrants who settled north of Beaverton, Oregon, in 1876.
Oregon attorney general Hardy Myers has declined to intervene, instead issuing an advisory opinion in support of legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.
UCLA must beat Oregon on Saturday or face tiebreaker situations.
We searched the Oregon Hospital Discharge Database to identify Oregon hospitals that had discharged patients with the ICD-9-CM code for neurocysticercosis (123.
I am proud that the people of Oregon are earnest in correcting past mistakes,' the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lynn Snodgrass, told the press.
Egan now extols industrial growth and development for Oregon, considering the nature of his critical reporting on the wood-products industry during the few years he has covered the Northwest.
Oregon Economic Department; Oregon Graduate institute of Science and Technology; Oregon State Univ; and the Albany office of the U.
Founded in 1989, Oregon Scientific is headquartered in Tualatin; a quaint suburb of beautiful Portland, Oregon.
3) Any serious look at Baptists in Oregon has to begin with Wardin's volume.
I think when you look at the styles, we're pretty similar, too,'' said UCLA coach Bob Toledo, a former Oregon offensive coordinator.
State of Oregon, Oregon Bond Bank Revenue Bonds 1992 Series A dated June 17, 1992; all bonds ($5.