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The company's board of directors has proposed an ordinary dividend of DKK5.
According to Tyrwhitt, these actions has resulted in Depa paying "its first ordinary dividend since 2010 in September 2017".
Macquarie also announced today a 2H17 final ordinary dividend of $A2.
Investors were disappointed as management did not announce a return of cash to shareholders outside of the ordinary dividend (consensus was for a share buyback of around $3bn).
The firm is paying a dividend of JPY25 per share, including an ordinary dividend of JPY15 and a special dividend of JPY10 per share.
The insurance giant said the final ordinary dividend payout of43.
Aer Lingus, which has not made any form of distribution to shareholders since its stock market listing in 2006, said yesterday it intends to declare an ordinary dividend of three cents per share, to be paid in July.
The agreed price of EUR238m (USD311m) includes a purchase consideration of EUR200m, an ordinary dividend of EUR16m and a special dividend of EUR22m, the vendor said in a statement, adding it would receive the payment in financial 2011.
The board will propose to pay an ordinary dividend of NOK 2.
70 of the dividend will qualify as an ordinary dividend and the remainder as return of capital or capital gain depending on shareholder basis.
The total dividends are composed of an ordinary dividend of HKD2,300m and a special dividend of HKD2,200m.
Group chairman Vic Cocker announced the one-off payout, which comes on top of a final ordinary dividend of 7p, at the company's annual meeting yesterday.