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Stands for "other people's money," which refers to borrowed funds used to increase the return on invested capital.

Other People's Money

Informal term for the use or investment of borrowed funds. For example, a bank uses OPM to lend to its borrowers as the money it uses for loans (theoretically) comes from its deposits.

other people's money (OPM)

A common expression used when talking about the multiplying effect of using borrowed funds to purchase property rather than paying all cash. Investors will say, “I'm using OPM for the deal.”

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By partnering with ClearOrbit, we will be able to achieve significant efficiency gains and improved operational control, while fully leveraging our investment in Oracle Process Manufacturing.
Generating custom labels as we track our products through the manufacturing and packing processes is difficult enough," said Hugh Hansard, Vice President of Information Services for LifeCell," but to be able to integrate that data to Oracle Process Manufacturing without integrating separate databases was a key to our choice of ClearOrbit.
MA) for Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) Provides Real-time Bar Code and RFID Transactions Without Customization or Middleware
We are glad to welcome Voltek to a growing list of manufacturers who have chosen ClearOrbit to automate their transactions within Oracle Process Manufacturing.
a global infrastructure software provider that unlocks corporate data and empowers decision-makers to answer their own business questions, today announced the planned release of NoetixViews(R) for Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) in the fourth quarter of 2003.
and Inventory Tracking to Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM)

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