option account

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Option account

A brokerage account that is approved to hold option positions or trades.

Option Account

A brokerage account where the brokerages permit the account holder to hold options. The extra risks of option trading entail more regulation. As a result, the holder of a brokerage account must be provided material detailing these risks and sign an option disclosure document before his/her account may become an option account.

option account

A brokerage account that is approved for buying and selling options. Opening an option account requires that an investor complete an option agreement and receive a brochure describing the risks of trading standardized options.
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Additionally, she points out that, "Technology has been the key that enables our team to manage 930 option accounts across multiple stocks.
Perversely, it is precisely when the market is doing badly that employees should take advantage of low share prices, but having SAYE share option accounts with such low interest rates hardly helps to sell the concept to employees.
But it also mentions Credit Protection Insurance, and there are some details about "Deferred" interest free option accounts.