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A rule that stipulates when a security should be bought or sold according to its price action.
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Filter Rule

In technical analysis, an arbitrarily set percentage of increase or decline in a stock's price that the analyst sees as an indicator to buy or sell the stock. For example, the analyst may set his/her own filter rule at 15%. If the stock rises 15%, the analyst recommends buying; if it falls 15%, he/she recommends selling. While the particular percentage is subjective, one arrives at it by observing the stock's historical trends. The filter rule exists to help the investor avoid buying or selling at insignificant or anomalous changes in price. However, many analysts do not believe that the filter rule consistently produces profits for the investor.
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However, it is very wide compared with the spectral width of the optical filter. For example, a light source has a spectrum from 400nm to 800nm, while the bandwidth of the optical filter is 2[[lambda].sub.5] = 6Onto.
This design we do for application optical filter. Usage of optical filter is to transmit light having certain properties, while blocking the remainder wavelength.
The most common optical spectrum analyzers utilize monochromators as the tunable optical filter. In the monochromator, a diffraction grating (a mirror with finely spaced lines etched on the surface) is used to separate the different wavelengths of light spatially.
Measured FBG optical filters parameters were recorded in data file, which after simple mathematical recalculations were used in simulation scheme to build user defined optical filters and estimate their influence on DWDM transmission parameters for broadband access.
Regardless of the wavelength employed, Iridian offers customised optical filter solutions to provide more signals with less background, from design and manufacture of initial prototypes, through to high-volume production at its ISO9001:2015-certified Canadian operation.
"The Vis Optical Filter uses state-of-the-art thin film technology to provide pure Infrared energy into the mid IR spectrum from the iCure.
Also in the North 40, Zytronic, the optical filter developer and manufacturer, released its results for the year ended September 30.
The experiment confirmed that the device was able to transform the light waves in the range of frequencies that would have been absorbed by the optical filter, then completely reverse the process as the light wave exited the filter, making it look as though the laser pulse had propagated through a non-absorbing medium.

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